The Scale of Significance is unique because its main goal is to make the world more human. To create in its users a way of thinking where nature, society and economics are viewed as a whole, and which wells up from their inner knowing. To help to change the behaviour of companies in these areas . We know the purpose of the Scale of Significance, but we are still searching for the way to achieve it.

Why is the Scale of Significance needed? Value driven management is already a point of interest.
Interest in value driven management of companies is growing more and more. However, there is yet no means/tool that can makes those values visible on a dashboard. The management of both values and financial goals necessitates such means. The Scale of Significance is the answer to this need.

Why are the tools that already exist insufficient?
A lot of tools have been developed for measuring the impact of a company and the value systems in a company. There are models to look at purpose, the essence of a company, but there is no overall dashboard yet that puts all of this information together. The Scale of Significance doesn’t intend to invent a totally new tool, what it wants is to cooperate with other developers in order to come to an overall tool and dashboard.

Could the Scale of Significance be of interest to other areas than just finance?
We get a lot of enthusiastic reactions from both financially as well as purpose driven companies. Also the public sector and for example solicitors are eager to apply the Scale of Significance in their daily business management.

There are already a lot of companies that concentrate on more than only financial results. So why is the Scale of Significance and the aimed change in behaviour needed?
The Scale of Significance aims to change on all levels behaviour aims to change the behaviour of people, companies and institutions with regards to nature, society and finances. We are very happy that there are already many companies that not only monitor their financial results, but also their inner values and the meaning they contribute to their environment. However there are still a lot of companies that are only driven by financial gain and make decisions that have a negative impact on nature, on the people in and outside of the company and on society. If being driven by Significance becomes the standard in companies (as well as in the financial world that determines the financing of those companies), then this will result in a total change in behaviour everywhere. Even in those companies, that initially had no motivation to change.

Can you specify the values which are the focus of the Scale of Significance? And what is meant by intrinsic values?
At the Creathon, people from different branches and expertise give their input to a development team, which will compile the final Scale of Significance. This development team will decide which values are most important. Since we are at just the beginning of building this tool, one of the options could be that every company chooses its own values and links it to its purpose. Making the users aware of creating a thought pattern which originates from their inner knowing, is the main goal of Scale of Significance. An inner knowing where nature, society and economics form a whole.