Is a balance sheet a good indicator for the value of an enterprise? (3)

Monday March 5th 2018

Until now everybody took this for granted.  Businesses are only guided on figures. And the better a balance looked like, the healthier a business is. More often it becomes clear that this starting point is no longer valid. It should come to a paradigm shift. Businesses have values that are not included in a balance sheet are at least as important as the financial values on the balance sheet. But what are these nonvisible societal values?

On this question, we are doing research. Together with Karen André we are developing a method to make the deeper societal values visible. Not in numbers or figures but in ultimate personal values. This method makes it possible for entrepreneurs and managers to guide their business on these values. It makes it also possible for banks and investors to valuate these organizations in a better way.

Are you interested in how this method works? Do you want to help us to develop this further? Or do you want to give a donation for further research on The Scale of Significance? Please contact Erik Friedeberg, or 31-6-53238971.

Of course, I posed the question, ‘Is a balance sheet a good indicator for the values of an enterprise?’, to experts in the financial industry and the renewal movement. I recorded these conversations. You can listen to the podcasts. In the coming weeks, I will spread the podcasts on the website of Manifesto and on social media. This second podcast is an interview with Willem Vreeswijk, Founder of New Financial Forum, a platform for the renewal of the financial industry.